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  The PUMPA company started in 2003 in Krakow. Since January 2006 we are an "authorized integrator" of the Astor company. We specialize in the realization of projects mainly in the field of industrial automation systems. A complete analysis and advisory in the scope of solutions used, working out the electric schematics, mechanical assembling and developing software for controling devices are the constituents of the company's activity.

ASTOR Wonderware

The team of young ambitious designers as well as experienced and specialized people forms our company. This, combined with our capacity and eagerness for new technologies, and the knowledge of how to incorporate and use them, assures the highest quality of offered services. Thanks to the close cooperation and basing our systems on world's leading products we can guarantee very competitive prices and the stability of operation.

Additionally, our experience in the field of IT systems broadens the field of the offered solutions. It allows adjusting and rebuilding the existing solutions according to our customers' demands. Through incorporating the net based technologies it is possible to greatly improve the process of production systems computer supervisory.

Until now we have made and accomplished many projects. The satisfaction of our present clients is the best proof of our dependability.

We invite You eagerly to get familiar with our full offer.

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