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Industrial automation

We offer extensive consultancy, preparation and realization of automation systems in all industry branches. The crucial element is the full scope of offered automation services. That is, the preparation of technical designs including professional documentation, the delivery all of the components, the installation, the electrical cabinets assembly and the performance of a start-up.

Most of our systems are based on programmable logic controllers of GE IP (Intelligent Platforms, former GE Fanuc Automation) and Siemens. However we are able to program and configure controllers of other brands such as: ABB, Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation). We ensure very good financial terms owing to the direct cooperation with the representatives of those companies.

Our skills are spread throughout controller families:
  • 90-30 series
  • 90-70 series
  • Versa Max
  • modern PACSystem (RX3i, RX7i, RXi)
  • S5, S7, C7 series
  • PAC and PLC (CompactLogix, ControlLogix, MicroLogix)
  • all kind of operator panels (Siemens, Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley), GE IP, GE Fanuc, Horner, Astraada HMI)

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition systems

Our SCADA systems are based mainly on integrated package System Platofrm by american company Invensys Wonderware, SIMATIC WinCC from Siemens and Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFix by General Electric.

Using InTouch, WinCC or iFix we create classic Human-Machine Interfaces to provide current information about the process. However, more and more often we build whole archivization systems using database technologies, mainly Microsoft SQL. Thank to the above, we can provide full mesurement data to be used in quality research as well as help to find flaws and productivity improvements.

For that purpose we use:
  • great abilities of SIMATIC WinCC
  • Wonderware Industrial SQL technology
  • our own PUMPA Archive system, which is poorer but much cheaper and fully configurable alternative
IT systems

Great experience in IT systems developement additionally widens the scope of the offered solutions. Aside from low-level programming languages we are skilled in the use of high-level languages like C++, C# and Pascal.

In the scope of our services You can also find web services designing in cooperation with Raijn InterActive as well as the configuration and delivery of computer hardware.

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